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Several times a year, my longer, researched, riff on a single topic.

Competence: On Management #48
“…The best lack all conviction, while the worst / Are full of passionate intensity…”
Includes my Dunning-Kruger reading list. (February, 2022)
Summer Reading 2021: On Management #47
On Management’s About page disappeared from the internet when I changed newsletter services. This gave me the opportunity to consider how my goals have expanded since 2015, when I started the newsletter. People management is still at the heart of my work. Also: How our own actions operate as part
tbh I didn't finish reading everything on last summer's TBR. (June, 2021)
Platforms: On Management #45
Does de-platform have an antonym: to platform?
On some of the platforms coming to dominate our workplaces, and beyond. I had a ton of fun writing this back in the not-so-fun days of October, 2020 – it really was a riff.

Other times, a briefer Warm Take.

Warm Take: Reading and Believing. November 8, 2021
Is The Discourse making you a better manager?
Wherein I discourse on The Discourse, which is probably not making anyone a better manager.
Warm Take: The Heroine’s Journey Goes Mainstream (Media). September 19, 2021
For Theranos, how about more focus on the allegedly criminal acts at hand, and less on Holmes’ mystical power over powerful older men?
I periodically write about media coverage of women who lead organizations.
Warm Take: Executive Presence. May 16, 2021
She did not look like a bank executive. At the time, I received her message as, “I earned the ability to show up like this. Now, listen to what I have to say.”
On weaponized professionalism.

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