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Ladies Swearing at Work: Members Only #7

A Lady Swore at Work was a legal strategy?
Stock photo, 4 professionals with word bubbles over their heads - 3 say "dammit," one says, "Huh?"
Pretty sure I hacked this stock photo?

I was excited to hear from some of you about last month’s newsletter!  Thank you for writing.

On Caitlin Rosenthal’s Accounting for Slavery, CV Harquail wrote:

“The connection between slavery and modern management systems is painful, real, and largely denied.  Rosenthal isn't the first to make this connection although her book is recent and comprehensive -- I cite it back to Modern Slavery As A Management Practice: Exploring the Conditions and Capabilities for Human Exploitation, Andrew Crane, Academy of Management Review Volume 38, Issue 101 Jan 2013.)”

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