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Dear 2018, Thank U, Next. On Management #34

Happy New Year, and thank you for inviting me to your inbox.

Today, a 2018 newsletter recap, along with a few key stories from the year and some of the questions they’ve inspired me to explore in 2019.

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2018 in Review

The Power of Myth (in Business), The Superpower of 1:1 Meetings, Slowness, Speed and Structure, Mission and a Transition, Summer Reading, Managing Change, Training Day, Age and Today's Workplace, Teaching People "How to Have A Job".

And, here’s the 2018 audio playlist.

Newsletters I wrote for supporting members:

Ladies Swearing at Work, Audio Transcript: Francine McKenna and the Myth of Shareholder Primacy, History Is For Us To Make Every Day, Join Me, Pattern Recognition, (Mal)-Adaptive Noise Cancellation, Everything Has Changed, Failure to Respond, You Don't Need A Culture Plan, One Follow-up, One Question, One Goal.

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2019: the blameless, the invisible, and the inaccurate

A question for 2019: how am I responsible for unintended consequences?

More questions for 2019: what am I not seeing, and how can I see it? Do I see anything that I can render more visible?

Another question: how can we develop and advance a better understanding of business history?

Credit: I scanned and read a few things about the American Chopper meme, also while dabbing my eyes, this time in appreciation of my own, er, unique sense of humor. I was cracking myself up.

Some questions I want to explore in 2019

  • How am I responsible for unintended consequences?
  • What am I not seeing, and how can I see it? Do I see anything that I can render more visible?
  • How can we develop and advance a better understanding of business history?

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