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Anne Libby

Photo of hotel in daylight, neon sign "California Hotel," noirish vibe.

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Subscribers to On Management know that I send emails on Sundays, once or twice a month. Every couple of months,
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Screenshot of my "job as a service" grid

Warm Take: Performance of Care. July 25, 2021

HBO’s Generation Kill was about a bunch of US Marines in Iraq during the war. I don't remember much about it, including why I watched; maybe via a recommendation from a Marine in my life?
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David Solomon, a DJ who is also a CEO, at the mixing board.

Warm Take: Presence. July 11, 2021

The “return to the office” media narrative is strong on personalities.  Like the remote-work-hating CEO who is also a DJ,
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A variety of books on a bookshelf

Summer Reading 2021: On Management #47

On Management's About page disappeared from the internet when I changed newsletter services. This gave me the opportunity to consider
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Christian Bale/American Psycho business card scene. "Impressive. Very nice."

Warm Take: I Don't Care if Your Boss is a Psychopath. June 13, 2021

They’re smarter than we are. They move seamlessly through the world, possibly not subject to rules of space-time that
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Umbrellas, people, rainy urban day

Warm Take: It's Not Really That Simple. May 30, 2021

Thinking about writing a new "about" page for On Management, I went back to why I started writing the newsletter
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LOVE sculpture on UPenn Campus

Warm Take: Executive Presence. May 16, 2021

About 10 years ago, I was fortunate to attend the launch event for a study on women’s leadership, “The
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Donegal Castle, a stone castle on a green lawn, on a bright, partly-cloudy day

Warm Take: Who Wants to Work with a King? May 2, 2021

In case you missed it, Game of Thrones is an epic fantasy.  Set in an intricately constructed world, it's about
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Supporting Member Update, April 24 2021

Hello, good people who have supported On Management financially!  Thank you for inviting me to your inbox. This is a
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Warm Take: I Second That Emotion. April 4, 2021

Having received a boatload of other people’s money, it’s typical for startup founders to learn that it’s
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