The Heroine's Journey

Women in a crowd wearing lots of pink, pink-hatted young girl piggyback with her mom, in red.

International Women's Day, indeed: On Management #54

"I'm done with scraps. Give women power." Elmira Bayrasli
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Medieval stocks, in front of an English church. Old wood, on gravel, bricks of varying rust and grey, green grass and plants.

Warm Take: online learning

Today's expanded platform for public judgment is a feature, not a bug.
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Craggy wooden bench on dusty sand, with desert mountains in the background.  Sunny day, blue sky, low clouds

Summer Reading 2023: On Management #52

"Evil is rarely complicated. It’s just fucking bold." - S.A. Cosby
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Lots of tubes, screens and cords, as in a lab, greys black and whites with red and yellow accents

Warm Take: a story behind a story

", part of the theatre of that story, or any story, is that it's in The New York Times..." Taffy Brodesser-Akner
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Shopping carts, grey asphalt foreground; background is white RV "swish" graphics, trees and setting (or rising) sun.

Warm Take: Rebrand This

Profiling Liz
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Person reading solo on a sunny day; grassy hill, green trees, deep blue lake, blue sky with low wispy white clouds

Summer Reading, 2022: On Management #50

A giant stack of good things to read = bliss.
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4 women winter hiking in Maine, amidst snow and evergreens

Warm Take: The Heroine's Journey Goes Mainstream (Media). September 19, 2021

For Theranos, how about more focus on the allegedly criminal acts at hand, and less on Holmes’ mystical power over powerful older men?
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GIF:  Cyndi Lauper, putting on sunglasses, from "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"

Warm Take: Female Confounders. December 20, 2020

"..,A celebrity profile often works somewhat similarly: the celebrity has something new to promote..." Anne Helen Petersen
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a fuschia-pink woman's fist, sparks in her palm and escaping her grasp, hand embroidered on ecru canvas

Warm Take: Feminine =/= Feminist. June 14 2020.

I unpaywalled this article in October 2022.  I updated links, formatting, and added the image, above. The collaborative workspace I
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The word "heroine" on the side of a ship, cropped from a black and white image (credit at link), old-school font

On Management #36, P.S.

Following up on Issue #36, Always Be Coaching
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