The Heroine's Journey

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Summer Reading, 2022: On Management #50

A giant stack of good things to read = bliss.
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GIF:  Cyndi Lauper, putting on sunglasses, from "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"

Warm Take: Female Confounders. December 20, 2020

"..,A celebrity profile often works somewhat similarly: the celebrity has something new to promote..." Anne Helen Petersen
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Warm Take: Feminine =/= Feminist. June 14 2020.

I unpaywalled this article in October 2022.  I updated links, formatting, and added the image, above. The collaborative workspace I
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On Management #36, P.S.

Following up on Issue #36, Always Be Coaching
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Gif of San Antonio Spurs' coach Becky Hammon, yelling at play on the court

Always Be Coaching: On Management #36

This time, a return to a topic I addressed in 2016, with a bit more nuance:   coaching. Trending:   coaching, “democratized”
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