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On Management #39, P.S.

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On Management #39 was Are norms really normal?

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I got a note from a reader who had been let go.  While I won’t go into their specifics, I want to share some general thoughts about being let go.

Whether laid off, fired, RIF’d:  it may be emotionally tough, and hard to find your ground.

One norm to try to maintain:  when asked to sign an anything, first have it reviewed by an employment attorney.

Of course you don’t have an employment attorney.

Your best source:  someone in your circle who has been laid off.  Or, your own attorney, if you have one.

If you don’t have a direct connection:

  • Reach out (quietly) in your alumni network.
  • If you’re part of a community of faith, check in with a leader there.
  • If your library has rich career offerings, a reference librarian may be able to help you figure out how to connect with local resources.

If you’ve experienced discrimination, or been sexually harassed, the Times Up Legal Defense Fund may be a good resource.

People in my circle have FREAKED OUT ON ME when I have suggested talking with a lawyer:  “But I don’t want to sue!”

No, you probably don’t.

Working with an attorney does not mean that you need bring a lawsuit.  An experienced attorney knows the norms — what’s legal and what’s considered fair — and can help you to navigate unfamiliar territory.

The norms are sometimes, to be clear, not great.  This is my opinion, not legal advice, I’m not a lawyer, and so forth.

When you have questions, please do send me a note!  I always answer my emails.

Thank you so much for reading,  

Anne Libby


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